We started with a simple idea.

Company overview

Smooth 90.1FM is born out of the need to fill the gap in rural broadcasting. Smooth 90.1FM is a100% dully registered limited Zambian company with PACRA Companies Registration No: 120170006814 and ZRA Tpin: 1004517412.

The company is situated in Chipata Eastern Province of Zambia and is managed by competent and experienced professionals.

Smooth 90.1FM hopes to fill the gap in its programming with bias in education; in this regard its air content is mostly focusing on providing local people especially youths with programs that are slanted towards literacy.


Company Projection Growth Chart

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Why Choose us

Quality Radio Production

Market niche that provides quality service delivery and woo a segment of the audience to the station through our programming.

Value and reliability

We keep your costs down with competitive spreads and quality radio programmes. Price, speed and liquidity - We've got you covered.

Intergrity and Honest

We will earn your trust and loyalty by delivering exceptional trading experience with superior execution and low consistent costs.

Experienced and Qualified

We collaborate with each other to create high perfoming teams and deliver what we promise. This is achieved through regular training.

Customer Focussed

We enable our clients' success by constantly seeking suitable solutions to their problems. We work at creating excellent relationships.

24 Hours Services

Smooth 90.1FM Radio operates 24/7 around the clock to ensure that customers and listeners are kept awake to our quality services and products.

General Company Description

  • Business Phylosophy
    • The importance of offering unique individual and community development content while educating the masses on various issues remains our guiding philosophy. Smooth 90.1FM conducts business with utmost impartiality to anyone willing to work with us and we do not discriminate anyone based on religion, race, ethnicity, color or creed or political affiliation.

  • Our Company Vision
    • Smooth 90.1FM‘s vision is; To deepen knowledge of the general public, especially the youth through smooth broadcast so that they may know and appreciate themselves, their environment, culture, economy and the need for an educated city as a corner stone of development.

  • Company Mission Statement
    • Bring positive change in people’s lives at individual, family and community levels within and around our coverage area through radio broadcasting.

  • Company Objectives
    • Our overall objectives are: Educating, Informing, and Sensitizing the public on Health matters, Cultural, Social, Religious, Agricultural, Economical, Political, and raise awareness on environmental issues and climate change, and anyother matters affecting the communities.

  • Company Motto
    • We Know You Are Listening!.

Company Growth Projection

  • 2019
  • 2021
  • 2024
  • 2026

In this way we aim to grow and expand in our transmission. Smooth 90.1FM listerners also enjoy our international broadcasting service via the internet and podcasting. Smooth 90.1FM entered the broadcasting industry with an holistic approach, aiming at succeeding by providing something different in the media sector. We are a difference that makes a difference!.